Review – Sydney Dance Company, Louder Than Words

Louder Than Words, Sydney Dance Company
Sydney Theatre, Wednesday 8th October, 2014, 8pm


Watching the Sydney Dance Company dance their latest double bill is like watching the most accomplished actors deliver a dense script in fast forward, and flawlessly so! It is hard to imagine the amount of work the company has done to realise two choreographies both of which demand a level of speed, memory and intricacy it would take weeks to learn, let alone perfect.

In this double bill, Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela’s Scattered Rhymes is paired with a new work, Parenthesis, by acclaimed Greek choreographer Andonis Foniadakis. Both look at relationships but take very different approaches. Where Bonachela’s work is like a physical treatise on the words and ideas of “Il Canzoniere” by 14th-century Italian poet, Francesco Petrarch; Foniadakis’s work is a vivacious and imaginative revelation of a fast-paced land of characters and bodies interacting. Where one intrigues through an architectural fascination of how bodies can combine and touch; the other splashes, roars and whips these same bodies about as though provoking and testing the bounds of parentheses.

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Sydney Dance Company, Louder than Words