Review – Hofesh Schecter Company “Sun”

Sydney Opera House
Wednesday 27 August, 2014

There is Nothing New Under the Sun
The sun is a symbol of life – warmth, light and heat. Something that is beautiful and desirable (particularly in England where the Hofesh Shechter Company is based); something that illuminates. But, there are also tales that hint at its danger, like that of Icarus. Fly too close and you will burn; what is brightly illuminated and beautiful may hide darker truths. Shechter’s Sun is another such sunlit parable.

Cast in muted grey, beige and white, dancers cavort in a carnivalesque cross-section of humanity. Pierrots and peasants dance wildly in clusters. A puppet-master-like King (or coloniser?) conducts the action. The sun marks time. Populations are brutalised and murdered by oppressors. They rise in joy to resist the cycles of victimisation, or to give themselves respite from its inevitability.
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