Video and Projection

Projection for Ben Folds’ Concerto for Piano and Orchestra with the National Symphony Orchestra and Nashville Ballet

On December 4, 2015, Ben Folds and the NSO launched a new, immersive symphonic series at the Kennedy Center: DECLASSIFIED

This video projection was made to accompany Ben Folds’ performance by adapting Paul Vasterling’s original ballet choreography for screen.

Director: Emma Sandall

Editing: Emma Sandall

Cinematography: Allan Amato

Choreography: Paul Vasterling

Snowflakes of Hudson

Direction, animation and editing: Emma Sandall

Performers: River, Ruby, Max, Adam, Davon and Ben

This video animation was made using dancers, performers and residents of Hudson for Hudson’s annual Winter Walk and was projected opposite City Hall.

Fleck and Flecker

Direction: Emma and Cass

Cinematography: Emma and Cass

Animation: Emma and Cass

Editing: Emma and Cass

Text: Emma and Cass

August 2012

The video animations for Ludwig’s dance theatre work Fleck and Flecker were projected on different surfaces including furniture and bodies during the live performance. Their creation was simultaneous and integral to the live show.


Direction: Emma Sandall

Cinematography: Timothy O’Donnell and Andrew McGuiness

Music: Gyorgy Ligeti

Editing: Emma Sandall

Choreography: Cass Mortimer Eipper and Emma Sandall

Verticality was a dance video made for West Australian Ballet’s Genesis season in 2009. It was inspired by Dance Critic Akim Volynsky’s writing about pointe work as the “apotheosis of humankind”.