Crossing Satie

Crossing Satie is a solo I made for myself in 2011 inspired in part by Virginia Wolf’s essay “A Room of One’s Own” and Shakespeare’s “Seven Ages of Man”. I was curious after years of working with different choreographers and directors, what choices I would make of my own. I worked with an improvisation coach to devise a movement score which passed through seven distinct phases from my life.

After performing the crossing as an improvisation, I decided to set the material and the result was Crossing Satie to the music of Erik Satie, played by Amarcord Wien.

I performed this at the Dolphin Theatre in Perth in June, 2011 and at the International Choreography Competition in Rome in July, 2011.

Premio Roma 2011 – International Competition of Coreography – Emma Sandall “Crossing Satie”


Body Song


Body Song is another solo I created for myself, building on the work I had done with Crossing Satie. I was interested in choreographing a solo built entirely on one physical idea – in this case getting out of  awkward situations. I originally made the solo to Bach.

After a while, I decided to put this choreography on another body and so Cass Mortimer Eipper took it on to a new score using the modern jazz music of the Erik Truffaz Quartet.

We took Body Song to the Stuttgart Solo Dans Theater Festival in May, 2012.