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Ballet Class

Is It Time To Completely Rethink Ballet Class?

  Well, perhaps we don’t need to COMPLETELY rethink the ballet class. It’s got a hell of a lot going for it. But there are certainly aspects of the ballet class that I for one am keen to reconsider. Here is an article I wrote for Dance Magazine looking at this very question. Is it […]

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The Musical Body

Here is an article I wrote for Dance Australia Magazine about “musicality” and what makes a musical dancer. The Musical Body_Dance Australia Magazine

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A New Force

Late February in Sydney, Emma Sandall talked to the new artistic director of Force Majeure, Danielle Micich about what lies ahead for this exciting dance theatre company. In December 2014, the board of Force Majeure, Australia’s foremost dance theatre company, announced that Danielle Micich would succeed Kate Champion as artistic director in 2015. Champion, who […]

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The Eternal Appeal of the Pointe Shoe

Born during 19th century romanticism, pointe work is a strange and remarkable innovation, and it’s pretty hard to imagine the evolution of classical ballet without it. In a way, rising to pointe was inevitable, as ballerinas aspired for ever greater refinement, poise and line – the peak being literally the tips of their toes.

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An Hour with Ohad_feature

An Hour with Ohad

Dancer/writer Emma Sandall revisits Israel, reinvests in Gaga and has a rendez vous with Batsheva’s artistic director, Ohad Naharin November 2013. I am back in Israel. My second visit in a year. In January 2013, I did the GaGa Winter Intensive in Tel Aviv at its source, from its source. This November trip is more […]

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Reflections on the Studio Mirror_feature

Reflections on the Studio Mirror

What does dance have in common with Rafael Nadal and Tiger Woods? Emma Sandall explains. Standing directly facing the studio mirror, I take my right foot to retiré and developé it devant, consciously, indeed conscientiously, making sure that my hips remain perfectly still and that the leg follows through in a straight line from my […]

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Dancing Proud at the Prix de Lausanne_feature1

Dancing Proud at the Prix de Lausanne

This international competition is like no other, writes former laureate winner and adjudicator Emma Sandall The 43rd Prix de Lausanne took place in February at Theatre de Beaulieu, a large theatre in upper Lausanne, where the snow falls and lies in frozen clumps around trees, in gutters, on car roofs. Each year its backstage halls […]

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Nothing To Lose_feature

Going Out on a Big Note

Force Majeure’s Kate Champion talks to Emma Sandall about her current project, an undaunted exploration of fat dancing bodies. Nothing to Lose is Kate Champion’s last project as Artistic Director and CEO of Force Majeure. Founded in 2002 with Geoff Cobham and Roz Hervey, it quickly became one of Australia’s foremost dance theatre companies, receiving […]

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Girt By Sea Cover - Dance Australia Apr/May 2015

Girt By Sea

Australian dancers are often said to have a special quality compared with overseas counterparts. But what is it exactly? Emma Sandall investigates. MANY Australians who have danced overseas are familiar with the notion of the “Australian identity” or Australian “style”. But what it actually constitutes remains elusive. (more…)

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