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From the Royal Ballet's "How Ballet Evolved" video series

Teaching Turnout

As of March 2018, I am 40 years and 8 months old. With the ‘just desserts’ of age, my body has decided to collect its dues for its 35-plus dancing years. All the things we think as young dancers will just keep on keeping on, 40 years tells another story. I’ve been lucky with my […]

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Pointe pair


How excited I was at the age of ten or eleven to buy my first pair of pointe shoes, heading to the city to the glowing Bloch shop with tulle-d mannequins. ‘Sylphide’ was the name of my first shoes. A beginner pointe with a low vamp. I remember the small back studio of my ballet […]

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On softening from time to time

I don’t go for a Shiatsu massage for a soft rub. The other day, a masseur pushed my tolerance with her gentle touch. Interestingly, however, the pulled punches worked, as though in their quietness they gave my body a chance to adjust itself. Generally I’m a skeptic of alternative therapies, though perhaps agnostic is closer […]

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Maurice Béjart and Emma Sandall

Learning and learning to dance

I have been thinking a lot lately about how we learn – best. Perhaps it is by example. If we admire something we copy it. We watch closely, follow and thereby learn. And we are very adept at catching inconsistencies and hypocrisy. Growing up, I had a beautiful ballet teacher, Mrs Kuner. Mrs Kuner presented […]

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Premio Roma 2011 - International Competition of Coreography - Emma Sandall "Crossing Satie"

Accepting the skin you’re in

There is something extremely liberating about removing layers, but it is often a difficult thing for dancers to do. We have to stare at ourselves in mirrors all day and our perception of our bodies becomes distorted. Taking off layers, however, lets the skin sing and in its bareness allows you to work more truthfully with […]

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2015 Prix de Lausanne

The Prix de Lausanne is an international youth ballet competition, the first of its kind. It was initiated by Philippe and Elvire Braunschweig in 1973. This year is the 43rd Prix de Lausanne to take place. My history with the Prix began as a competitor in 1994, then as a guest performer in 2006, a […]

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DIFFERENT DRUMMER The Royal Ballet 2008

Interview with Leanne Benjamin

I met Leanne Benjamin in the Royal Ballet in 2000. We became good buds mostly chatting in the physio room or in coaching with Monica Mason. Here is a little interview I conducted with her back in 2010. ES: In the last five years what is your most memorable dancing experience? LB: Most recently it […]

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With Erina Takahashi- Black Swan solo

Interview with Maina Gielgud

I am very fortunate to know some wonderful people in the world of dance, all of whom have led fascinating careers and have very different perspectives and opinions on this art form. Maina is one such person. Here is a little interview conducted in July 2010 with Maina Gielgud: E: What is your most memorable […]

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